PEACE OUTside Campus, The Lindsey M. Bonistall Foundation, is dedicated to promoting peaceful and safe living environments in college communities nationwide. Our goal is to empower students and their families and encourage them to be more proactive in safeguarding themselves against those who perpetrate crime and violence. Rather than creating a culture of fear, we strive to reinforce a sense of empowerment, strength, and security.

PEACE OUTside Campus offers programs to fulfill the growing demand for safety information on college campuses and within college communities.


We Are Celebrating 10 Years Advocating Student Safety!

PEACE OUTside Campus, The Lindsey M.Bonistall Foundation has been advocating student safety for 10 years! Our programs have reached over 8,000 students and parents. We are proud of our commitment to empower students and their families to be proactive in safeguarding themselves against crime.



Peace Outside Campus selected as Woman's Club Beneficiary

Come join us to celebrate as we are honored by The Woman's Club of White Plains at their 3rd annual Cork & Forks, An Evening of Fabulous Food and Spirits benefit to be held on Friday, October 17, 2014 at the Woman's Club, 305 Ridgeway, White Plains. Our organization will receive some of the proceeds from this wonderful event. Contact us to purchase a ticket.


Board of Directors                                         

Mark A. Bonistall - Chairman
Kathleen Cooney Bonistall - Vice-Chair

Jim Fennel - Treasurer
Kristen Bonistall Link - Director of Research
Barbara E. McMurray - Director of Strategic Planning
Mary Broderick Ryan - Director of Community Outreach
Ron Belmont - Director At Large
Althea Fusco - Director of Community Outreach
Lauren Galasso - Director of Chapter Development

Sheila Cooney - Treasurer Emeritus


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10th Annual
5K Lindsey Run/Walk

October 26, 2014 Purchase College

Click for 10th Annual 5K Lindsey Run/Walk Results

A very special thank you goes out to our participants, sponsors, donors, and volunteers. To read all about it, click here




Remember Lindsey...

RememberLindsey.com Lindsey Bonistall's life and untimely death were the inspiration for PEACE OUTside Campus. Click on her picture and share in the good memories of her friends and family.

Student Safety Tips:


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